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Puristat Medical Contributor: Dr. Scott Olson

From: Dr. Scott Olson, ND

Re: Why Colon or Liver Cleansing May Not Work… And The Easy Solution

Dear Friend –

If you’re thinking of trying a colon OR liver cleanse… READ THIS LETTER FIRST…

My entire medical career involves providing cutting-edge digestive health guidance and remedies to address all varieties of digestive illness.

I understand your suffering

You may have just gotten “the news” that your liver enzymes are high. You may be feeling tired, totally bloated, fat, and extremely uncomfortable. Maybe you’re suffering from unexplained pain and body aches.

I can NOW admit – I used to suffer from multiple frustrating digestive problems as well…

I knew my liver enzymes were elevated (and it was crucial I get them lowered)… but I didn’t know I had other problems too. I just thought it was normal after eating a meal to feel a little bit nauseous and a little bit bloated.

Then it got to be bad…

My liver enzymes were off the charts. Even worse, in the middle of dinner I would have to leave the table because my indigestion was affecting me so much.

I had to run off to the bathroom for what was probably fifteen minutes (when you’re out trying to have a nice dinner with friends, that’s pretty embarrassing).

I would try not to let it affect the rest of my life but I couldn’t help it. It was affecting my entire life.

In fact, I bet you’re experiencing all manner of signs and symptoms just like I was…

  • Serious liver disease symptoms that just can’t seem to be controlled
  • Debilitating chronic constipation – straining just to have the smallest bowel movement?
  • Embarrassing smelly gas – office coworkers are fed up with you?
  • Weight gain (no matter how strict the diet and exercise plan)
  • Unsightly stomach bloating – making you look fatter than you really are
  • Confidence-crushing skin blemishes (acne so bad, you feel like you’re back in high school)

Like you… I felt the same way!

My body was crying out for help…

I tried a lot of over the counter medications, two prescriptions (including the “little purple pill”), and altering my diet, but nothing touched it.

I couldn’t eat certain foods, I was on a special diet, and it kept me up at night.

Nothing worked… Finally, I had enough.

I decided to try a natural colon cleanse. I followed the plan, and for a few weeks my troubles went away… I was feeling great! The natural approach was the RIGHT approach…

I was cured… Or so I thought.

A few weeks after the cleanse, my symptoms returned, and my liver enzymes were through the roof.

Then I remembered my first year of medical school, and a light bulb went off in my head. I realized why colon cleansing didn’t work by itself!

I discovered The TRUTH About Detoxing Your Body For Better Health…

… And You Need To Really Listen Right Now:

In order to truly get relief, you MUST cleanse your colon AND liver TOGETHER. (otherwise, they just pass the “bad stuff” – toxins, parasites, bacteria… between each other).

That’s right – your colon and liver are the top 2 filtration organs of the body. And they can pass “the bad stuff” (toxins, parasites, bacteria, and more…) between each other.

So guess what?

This means basic colon cleanses just pass the stuff to the liver… liver cleanses just pass the stuff to the colon…

I needed to create a better cleanse… and so I did.

Cleansing the colon and the liver consecutively, in a very specific way (which I’ll show you), eliminates the chance of this “bad stuff” relocating to the other organ.

Put simply,


You know what? As soon as I started cleansing my colon AND liver together, and in a very specific way, I enjoyed immediate and PERMANENT relief.

THAT is pretty important, let me say it again:


I was THRILLED and immediately started my patients on the new program I created – The Puristat Total Body Cleanse – and they got the same benefits AND MORE!

I’ve Tirelessly Researched And Thoughtfully Selected Every Single Herbal Therapeutic In Puristat’s Total Body Cleanse – So That It WORKS…Puristat Total Body Cleanse

Relieve your suffering with help from the right combination of herbal therapeutics. The Puristat Total Body Cleanse is really 4 important products in 1…

    1. Cleanse: 23 cleansing and detoxification herbs, all working together to gently eliminate waste, parasites, and toxins.
    2. Restore: Gently heals your entire digestive system with beneficial probiotic bacteria – crucial when cleansing your body.

Take A Peek At These Success Stories From The Thrilled People, Who Have Finally Gotten Relief By Cleansing Their Colon And Liver TOGETHER, In A Very Specific Way…


“Today, I am in control and NOT constipated!”
“Constipation, gas, and bloating runs in my family, but within a couple of days of following the Puristat Total Body Cleanse, I started to notice my body clearing out. I had less indigestion, and could eat food normally without having problems. And I wasn’t constipated anymore!
The other remarkable thing is how much my mood has improved. I have always had this sort of low-grade depression. I’d tried using other cleansing products, but nothing worked. After the Total Body Cleanse, I just felt better… a sense of something lifting; I felt physically lighter and emotionally happier.
~ Christine, Philadelphia, PA


“My results are life-saving… my liver has healed…” Dr. Jim Steigerwalt (AKA Dr. Jim) conducted an independent, unsolicited clinical trial on the Puristat Colon and Liver Cleanse program. The results for Dr. Jim and his patients have been life-altering and life-saving. Here’s what the doctor had to say about his experiences with Puristat… “I cannot swear that Puristat is the only reason my liver has healed, but it would have to be one heck of a coincidence if it wasn’t in large part because of Puristat!!”

~ Dr. Jim Steigerwalt, aka Dr. Jim, retired hematologist, Miami, FL


“I saw worms in my stool… I’m so glad that stuff is gone!”
“I am completely grossed out and disgusted with what just occurred, but thankful it did. I just had a bowel movement and looked into the toilet before flushing (why, I don’t know). I saw worm like things in my stool. I was so freaked I flushed immediately before I really got a good look. The experience actually made me almost throw up, but I am so glad your program is helping me to rid my body of whatever is in there. Yuck!”

~ Melanie, Houston , TX


“My marriage and sex life improved…”
“Lately, I have had embarrassing moments with gas and bloating. I feel a lot better now thanks to the Puristat Total Body Cleanse, and I have more energy. My sex life also improved in my marriage because I’m less worried about accidentally passing gas during lovemaking.”

~ Angela, San Diego, CA

Are you ready for similar results?

… “if you’re nodding ‘yes’ … Then You Need To Really Listen Right Now.

Today, I’m Thrilled To Share The Amazing Health Benefits A Clean Efficient Liver AND Colon Can Give You.

The relief you want is just a few clicks away… Just imagine how it will be when…

  • You no longer have to struggle and strain to have a bowel movement
  • You rest easy, knowing all tapeworms, roundworms, and other nasty parasites are gone from your body
  • You don’t have to worry about AST, ALT, and other elevated liver enzymes
  • You notice that your stomach looks a little flatter and tighter
  • Your flatulence is drastically reduced. Gas will no longer be a problem for you
  • You can say “goodbye” to expensive prescription drugs with nasty side effects that are worse than your original problem
  • No more bad smells, burps & cramps
  • Internal inflammation is reduced, which will ease aching joints
  • Energy levels soar… finally cross off the things on your “to-do” list
  • You no longer have to worry about every food you eat
  • No longer have to hide your gas troubles from others
  • Your splitting headaches are a thing of the past
  • Your skin looks youthful and vibrant and acne is cleared away

The Puristat Total Body Cleanse Is Completely Safe

You won’t have to worry about safety when you follow this easy program.

I’ve tirelessly researched every single natural ingredient so that you can safely finish the Puristat Cleanse without jeopardizing your health. Our program is GMP certified as well as certified and approved by the Natural Products Association.

It’s Your Turn To Join Thousands Of People Who Are Taking Control Of Their Awful Symptoms With Puristat’s Total Body Cleanse

Thousands have completed the Puristat Total Body Cleanse with phenomenal results. Healthier now more than ever because they’ve eliminated the toxins, sludge, prescription drugs…

“Using The Puristat Total Body Cleanse I Lost A Total Of 30 Pounds!
“When the Puristat program arrived I followed the eating tips and took the pills religiously. The results were incredible. I was shocked to see how small my stomach got. You could literally see the difference within just a few days. I knew I made the right choice.”

~ Cassandra P., New York, NY


“It made me more energetic, especially in the morning…”
“Puristat talked about flushing out your system and that was all I was really looking for. Not only did it do that very noticeably, it made me more energetic, especially in the morning (and I’m not a morning person). I’ve told a lot of people about this and the thing that I recommend most is to just give it a try, I think that I’m going to again!”

~ Scott L., Lincoln, NE


“The easiest way I found to cure my colitis…”
“I have a type of colitis which is non-ulcerative and I have had issues on and off with constipation. I was looking for a cleanse that was going to be very easy to use. I was so excited when I found Puristat because it was a real “no brainer”. I have told many people about how very easy it is to use the product, no mixing, no mess, no fuss. I really like that. I have noticed that I have an increased energy level, and no more constipation.
I get a lot of people who wonder if I am exaggerating when I tell them that it is a real “no brainer”, and I tell them, “No, it is just as simple and easy as can be”. I am glad that your company has made cleansing this easy for me.”

~ Donald B., Ridgefield, CT


“My chronic pain is gone.It has made a real difference in the quality of my life!”
“If it were not for Puristat I would still be in constant chronic pain. I was diagnosed with Crohn’s disease. My choices were to take a pill, or have surgery. I was certain that there must be something else I could do. I don’t like to take medications because of all the side effects we hear so much about. Surgery pretty much scared me.
After only 4 days on the Puristat Total Body Cleanse, I began feeling the knots and waves of pain subsiding in my GI tract. I continued with the program, and when I had completed it after 21 days I came to realize that they were the best 21 days I had had in over 5 years. It has made a real difference in the quality of my life.

~ Diane P., Chanute, KS


So What Are You Waiting For? You’re so close to the relief you’ve been searching for!

You have nothing to lose when you order the Puristat Total Body Cleanse..

Just in case you have any reservations I’d like to introduce my iron clad, no hassle 100% Money Back Guarantee…


100% Money Back Guarantee

Full 45-Day, Unconditional, 100% Satisfaction Guarantee

You’ve Got Absolutely Nothing to Lose!

I’m so confident you’ll experience great results with the Puristat Total Body Cleanse that I offer a 100% satisfaction guarantee.
If for any reason, you are not satisfied with your purchase…you may return the empty bottles and I will refund your money, in full!




Listen… I know you’re tired of suffering!

Your health is so precious. Don’t go another minute in distress. Had I known this formula back when I was searching for relief, I could’ve been cured much faster.

And just like it has for me and thousands of my patients… if you follow the Puristat Total Body Cleanse, and actually do it, you WILL experience freedom from your symptoms (often in 30 days or less).

(However, if you’re looking for a free ride, or a magic pill, or a way to avoid responsible living, then please close this page immediately, because this program is not for you.)

Living another day without having this handled will cost you much more than the price of this program.

Just imagine…

It is a few weeks from now… and maybe the first thing you notice is that your stomach looks a little flatter… or you feel a little bit better… or maybe it’s your energy… or it could be that your digestion begins to improve.

Whatever it is, take notice… because it’s only going to get better!

That is what I truly want for you, and that’s why I created Puristat’s Total Body Cleanse.

Your symptoms aren’t going to cure themselves. You’ve got to take action to get yourself feeling better.

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We’ve covered a lot… above all, remember this…

I was once in your shoes… searching for a cure to my distress. Only to be frustrated by drugs or natural remedies that didn’t work. I spent countless hours researching the carefully selected components of Puristat’s Total Body Cleanse.

I have done all the hard research to arrive at the solution that WORKS!

You could be one of the thousands of people worldwide who have already eliminated their digestive problems forever!

Now, it’s YOUR turn to stop suffering. Start on your path to relief, today!

To your good health,


P.S. Remember, with my 100% guaranteed refund, there is no risk on your part. You have nothing to lose when you order Puristat’s Total Body Cleanse. However, you’ll need to act quickly to get in on this offer before they sell out, so click on the button below to get started today!

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