This plan includes a 30-Minute Clinical Phone Consultation with a Registered Nurse Digestive Specialist.

Once you receive your consultation voucher (included in your package), call 1-800-492-4984 or email customercare@puristat.com to schedule your appointment.

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Puristat™ Total Body Cleanse
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By cleansing the colon and the liver consecutively, you'll focus on the top two filtration organs of the body. Effectively cleanse both the colon & liver of built up toxins. The combination of therapeutic ingredients help relieve poor digestion, including gas, bloating, and constipation while at the same time promoting healthy liver function.

All Plans Also Include: Our Guarantee: 45 Day 100% full product price refund, Dietary Directions, Dietary Fiber Chart, and unlimited Digestive Specialist Support!

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Plans also include: Dietary Supplements • Unlimited Digestive Wellness Specialist Support • Our Guarantee - 45-Day 100% Full Price Refund.

"Puristat worked within three days... constipation is gone and my liver enzymes are normal... it really is a cleanse for the whole body. The long term effects have been fantastic...thank you Puristat...my family thanks you too!"
~Jody D., Falls Church VA

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