This plan includes a 30-Minute Clinical Phone Consultation with a Registered Nurse Digestive Specialist.

Once you receive your consultation voucher (included in your package), call 1-800-492-4984 or email customercare@puristat.com to schedule your appointment.

Colon Cleanse Program 100% Satisfaction

  • Supports a healthy digestive system to relieve gas, bloating & constipation

  • Supports a healthy colon to help remove toxins & parasites

  • Clinically tested, gluten-free and GMP Certified


  • 21-Day Colon Cleanse
  • Medical Team Consultation Learn more
  • 30 Days Digestive Enzymes
  • 30 Days Probiotics
  • 30 Days Digestive Nutrients
  • Convenient Automatic Resupply Learn more



Our Best Seller

  • 14-Day Colon Cleanse
  • 30 Days Digestive Enzymes
  • 30 Days Probiotics
  • 30 Days Digestive Nutrients
  • Convenient Automatic Resupply
    Learn more



MILD Cleanse

  • 7-Day Colon Cleanse
  • 30 Days Digestive Enzymes
  • 30 Days Probiotics
  • 30 Days Digestive Nutrients
  • Convenient Automatic Resupply Learn more



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GMP Certified

Puristat's Colon Cleanse harnesses the power of 23 herbal therapeutics to break up and remove impacted waste, toxins, mucous, parasites, and restore proper digestive balance.

Also included is Advanced Supplementation - supplying specific nutrients like Omega-3 oils, digestive enzymes, probiotics, and other digestive essentials critical to getting the best results from your cleanse.

All Plans Also Include: Our Guarantee: 45 Day 100% full product price refund, Dietary Directions, Dietary Fiber Chart, and unlimited Digestive Specialist Support!

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Thousands Are Excited About Their Results With Puristat...

"I've been Running Around Like a Thirty-Year-Old!"
~ Linda, TX

"The results were incredible. I was shocked to see how small my stomach got."
~ Cassandra, FL

After trying Puristat I can eat what I want without suffering for it later. My friends and family see me a lot more at functions."
~ Bill, ME

"With Puristat you're going to feel better, you can throw away the laxatives. I believe in this product, it works!"
~ Jodie D.


The Benefits Of Our Discount Maintenance Plan... Up to 25% Savings and More

For those serious about improving their health, our plan provides fantastic savings on today's purchase, and supports you in maintaining your optimal health after your cleanse.

Once you've cleansed your colon, our Digestive Wellness Medical Team supports you in maintaining your optimal wellness. Our Digestive Wellness Specialists are available for unlimited guidance and support. To further ensure your vibrant health, our exclusive five-in-one digestive support nutrients called Advanced Supplementation is provided to you FREE. Shipped monthly, it's the best way to maintain a healthy digestive system after completing your colon detoxification.

Plan benefits include:

  • Unlimited Digestive Wellness Support - via phone, email, or Live Chat
  • Discounted Pricing - starting with your very first order
  • FREE Digestive Support Nutrients - Advanced Supplementation PLUS a quarterly Colon Cleanse for continued optimal health

Best of all, you're assured of receiving this support at discounted pricing and on time each month without needing to place a new order. Your credit card will be charged $59.95 per month for as long as you wish to receive these benefits. As always, your enrollment in the plan may be easily cancelled over the phone, via email, Live Chat, fax or US mail to Customer Care at our corporate address.

No minimums are required and you may cancel anytime. All purchases come with our 45-day money back guarantee.

Or, to place your order WITHOUT the benefits of automatic resupply:

MILD Colon Cleanse $79.95
MODERATE Colon Cleanse $99.95
ADVANCED Colon Cleanse (plus Medical Consultation) $249.95