Fatigue Symptoms

Fatigue Symptoms

A look at specific symptoms is a good place to start. If you are tired all the time, you are among the millions of people worldwide who visit their doctors complaining of a myriad of symptoms:

    • Appetite loss


    • Being tired upon awakening, even after plenty of sleep


    • Blurry vision, dizziness, lightheadedness, or a “spacey” feeling


    • Chronic feelings of exhaustion, mental and/or physical


    • Dependence on caffeine, sugar or alcohol, especially in the afternoon and early evening


    • Depressed mood, loss of energy, or feeling “blah”


    • Feeling overwhelmed and/or rundown


    • Hallucinations


    • Headaches


    • Impaired decision-making and judgment


    • Impaired hand to eye coordination


    • Inability to recover from illness or stress; reduced immune system function


    • Joint pain


    • Low motivation


    • Moodiness, such as irritability


    • Poor concentration, an inability to pay attention


    • Short-term memory problems, confusion


    • Slowed reflexes and responses


    • Sore or aching muscles and/or muscle weakness


    • Strong food cravings, especially for sweets or other carbohydrates


  • Uncharacteristic muscle soreness after physical exertion

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