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You Could Lose 5 Pounds in 7-Days!
Colon Cleansing - Kick-Start Your Weight Loss Now!

by Jo Jordan

There is no quick fix to weight loss. If there were, sixty-nine percent of all Americans would not be spending over $30 billion a year on weight loss products, programs, and services.

So why are we still so fat? Why do we consume more food than we need to? Well, quite simply, because we can. The problem is, all the dieting and exercise in the world can't help you shed unwanted weight if your input is more than your output! Review Colon Cleanse Weight Loss Success Stories now...

But if you speed up your transit time with a colon cleanse, and progress from having one bowel movement every two or three days to going two or three times each day, the obvious result is that you'll eliminate waste that your body has been packing around for, well, who knows how long.

As one customer so succinctly put it after her first cleanse, "that soaking wet, loaf of bread feeling in my gut was gone once I began to have regular and properly formed bowel movements."

Puristat customers often tell us of their success losing weight. What's their secret? They have realistic expectations, set achievable goals, use the dietary tips and other information we provide, and get off to a good start with a colon cleansing.

Many customers say they are inspired by the way they feel after a cleanse... so much so that it makes them want to eat better, exercise more often, and really focus on a healthier lifestyle.

Can a colon cleanse help you shed pounds? Yes. When combined with a great weight loss plan, a colon cleansing can start you on the road to losing weight. But why not let our customers speak for themselves...

The Puristat Medical Team loves hearing the success that people are experiencing with our products. Of course, success stories reflect an individual's results. Results do vary and are not necessarily representative of all of those who will use our products. Our next success story could come from you!

"Losing 3 pounds a week!"

"I had just started a weight loss program three weeks before ordering the Puristat system. I was averaging a weight loss of one to two pounds a week. Once I started the Puristat system, I was losing three pounds a week.

The cleansing process afforded me the energy I needed to start exercising. I no longer wake up in the morning with a headache or go to bed with heartburn. I can't believe how well Puristat worked for me. It was the missing link and the encouragement I needed to continue losing weight. Thank you!" - Lynn in New Jersey

"...I lost 10 pounds in a big hurry."

"I'd recommend a good flushing for anyone. It really did a number on me! I'm a fairly healthy person, but I've put on weight since I got married, and I've really had trouble losing it. I just wanted to lose fifteen or twenty pounds, and I lost ten in a big hurry. I definitely cleansed myself!" Read Randall's full story...

"That's 7.5 pounds in one week..."

"When I stepped on that scale, I had gone from 167 to 159.5 pounds in just seven days of cleansing with Puristat! That is 7.5 pounds in one week—Excellent! I feel good and not sluggish; I have energy and I look healthy, too!" - Diana in New Jersey

"Feeling fat...!"

"Before Puristat I was feeling tired, totally bloated, fat, extremely uncomfortable, and I had back pain and pain in my side. After I took Puristat, my pain went away and this has helped me more than anything. I'm back into my everyday routine without pain. Puristat is everything that it says that it is." - Linda F.

"Never carry the weight again."

"When you cannot go to the bathroom, it begins to feel like there is an iron weight in the middle of your body, and if you've been carrying it around for years, you don't even realize it's a problem. Now that I've used Puristat, I'm never carrying that weight around again.

It's a fantastic product...and not just for people who have a problem. If your face is dirty, do you wash it? Of course you do, and it's important for us to keep our insides clean as well. I'd like to thank Puristat for the increased energy that I have, and for regaining the ability to do things for myself again." - Marjorie M.

"He lost 30 pounds in two months."

"My domestic partner and I decided to try the cleansing program and we feel much better. He lost a total of thirty pounds in two months." – C. Fuller in Texas

"I saw results within a few days."

"I am so happy with this product. I have lost a lot of weight in the last two years, I have just a little more to go, and this will help me succeed. I saw results within a few days. I recommend this product very highly. Thank you so much." - Kathy in California

"I lost 10 pounds..."

"I took a chance with Puristat. I just heard the ad on the radio and it talked about flushing out your system and that was all I was really looking for. Not only did it do that very noticeably, but I also lost roughly ten pounds in the month-long system.

It made me more energetic, especially in the morning (and I'm not a morning person). And believe it or not, it made hangovers about half as bad as they used to be. I've told a lot of people about this and the thing that I recommend most is to just give it a try. I think that I'm going to do it again!" - Scott in Nebraska

"My abdomen is like a whole new part of my body!"

"I began to feel so much better. It took a bit of time, but the smelly gas was beginning to decrease. After ten days, I felt better. I am thin, but my abdomen had become huge. Now it's gotten smaller, and I have a whole new sensation in my abdomen. I now feel as though it's a whole new part of my body!" Read Suzanne's full story...

The Puristat Medical Team loves hearing the success that people are experiencing with our products. Of course, success stories reflect an individual's results. Results do vary and are not necessarily representative of all of those who will use our products. Our next success story could come from you!

More Successs Stories

Jump starting weight loss is not the only benefit of colon cleansing. Many customers tell about enhanced energy, greater regularity, reduced IBS symptoms, less Diverticulitis pain, parasite elimination and MUCH MORE. Please review the complete success story list for yourself...

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